(Year 1986)

       I was born in Alicante (Spain) on May 4, 1984. From Childhood I showed interest in music like you can see on the photograh

       With nine years old my parents decided to enrol on a music academy to learn piano and music theory but unfortunately, not able to combine with school, three years later I had to leave it.I have passed the second grade of piano and music theory.  

        At that time I did several auditions on Jorge Juan High School Auditorium and the Arniches theatre of Alicante  


(Year 1994-1995)


Audición en el Instituto Jorge Juan (año 1994-1995)

Gracias por tu interés


        In 1996 I had already intended make electronic music with my first computer (pentium 120) but, in that times, It was quite expensive and difficult, so I learn myself to record audio and manipulate on the computer with Cool Edit software and a Casio CTK 511 synth like a hobby. 


        In the 1999 summer I met on a concert done in my high school the "jazz meeting group" and one of they musicians A.J. Bornay (great musician who has composed documentaries and film music on Alicante) who have a music academy in which I expand at third grade of music theory in 2002 certified by Royal Schools of Music. Finally I got into electronic music from the hand of A.J. Bornay.


        Since 2002 I have writing electronic music and improving my amateur home studio called "The comfortable new sound".


        I´m currently working on my first album that I hope to have it ready very soon because I´m now finishing to assemble my new studio and the mastering of my album.