I Start on electronic music since 2001 and I participate in some projects:

(Juny 2002) “Organic Experience”

Style: Experimental ambient music.


That´s a compilation of my first works on my home studio when I start experimenting audio between 2001 and 2002.


(july 2005) “V.V.A.A.”

Style: New tendencies


More information:  http://kidantrimmusic.tripod.com/index.html


Kid Antrim Music is a company who promote in USA composers amateurs and his headquarter is in NY city.


(December 2007) “V.V.A.A.”

Style: Christmass songs


More information:  http://www.lostfrontier.org/2006/documents/



I had the privilege to participate in this musical christmass project with other amazing artists.


(March 2008) “V.V.A.A.”

Style: Various


More information: 



Music compilation for audiovisuals and cinema with great spanish composers.


(Marzo 2010) “V.V.A.A.”

Style: Various


More information:  



I participate in other project with independent artists. There are a different style songs.


(2013 - 2014) “Lost Universe”

Style: Chill Out


That´s my first serious work that I start on 2002-2003 composing all songs but not finished it (studies, work... you know). Now I´m very near to finish this project and to launch it.

In that work you can hear the evolution of my music while I was completing my home studio.